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A Message from the Director of GPO

A Message from the Director of GPO, Nitzan Chen

08 October 2014


The main goal of the Government Press Office (GPO) is to serve the State of Israel by serving the media. We endeavor to allow them to do their jobs as journalists to the best of their abilities. While they are our guests in Israel, Media relations count.

To this end, we are working in a number of spheres. The overall public diplomacy sphere includes - inter alia - organizing tours and briefings in order to expose the foreign press to the tapestry that is Israel, assisting them in obtaining work visas, ensuring a smooth entry into the country, etc.

In the past year, the GPO took several important technological steps that constitute a genuine leap forward in its ability to work with both the foreign and Israeli media alike. Thus, for example, we completed a briefing room, and a television studio and photography studio that are among the most technologically advanced in the world.

Moreover, the responsibility for operating media centers in times of emergency and for major media events was recently reassigned to the GPO. During US President Barack Obama's visit to Israel, the GPO was responsible for photographing and documenting the visit and broadcasting it to the world. The broadcasts were also sent directly to the GPO media center which provided foreign journalists with comfortable facilities complete with all the work tools they needed to cover the event.

The GPO is also responsible for documenting the activities of the serving President and Prime Minister of the State; we are endeavoring to expand this coverage to other state symbols. The GPO archives the foregoing documentation and has made over 300,000 photographs at its disposal, in the framework of the National Photo Collection, accessible to the public at large.

The GPO is responsible for the accreditation process for both foreign and local journalists. The GPO is in the process of updating the criteria for issuing press cards to Israeli journalists in order to adapt them to the new technological reality. The GPO will similarly be reviving the criteria for issuing foreign press cards.

I invite you to become updated on our many activities via our web site and social media sites and to update us - via these channels - on your views and requests.

Nitzan Chen,
Director Government Press Office