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Director Of The Government Press Office

Director Of The Government Press Office

Director Of The Government Press Office

The Director of the GPO, since September 2012, is Nitzan Chen.
The director is responsible for managing the GPO in all aspects including public diplomacy.

The Director is responsible for GPO policy towards the foreign and Israeli press in accordance with the government's guidelines and translating this policy into official procedures, agendas and objectives for the GPO. He is also responsible for relations between the government and the foreign media in Israel.

The Director of the GPO is the policymaker regarding the issuing of government press ID's, as well as taking responsibility for the application of the above policy and coordinating sanctions and restrictions against unprofessional journalistic conduct. The director is also in charge of the government spokespersons' forum in accordance with the Civil Service Commissioner.

The Director is responsible for strengthening links between relevant organizations regarding the press in Israel, such as: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, IDF Spokesperson and the Military Censor. The Director is in charge of maintaining contact with journalist organizations in Israel and abroad, press attachés in embassies, research institutes, universities, institutions, and governmental and public organizations alike. The Director builds and develops relationships with the foreign journalists stationed in Israel, in addition to briefing the foreign press in accordance with their needs and the public diplomacy policy of the National Information Directorate of the Israeli government.

The Director initiates briefings and international media conferences in Israel, including the Jewish Press Convention, Christian Press Convention, etc. Additionally, the Director promotes public diplomacy activities (including tours) for foreign journalists on issues of the day.

The Director oversees a number of services offered by the GPO, including: official footage of the President, Prime Minister, ministers, MKs; communication workshops, documentation of historical events and making them accessible for the public. The director of the GPO is responsible for preparing the GPO in case of a state of emergency or war, and oversees its operation.

Former GPO Directors:
• Moshe Pearlman
• David Landor (1976–1954)
• Dr. Miron Madzini (1977–1976)
• Zeev Hefetz (1983–1977)
• Mordechai Dolinsky (1986–1983)
• Israel Peleg (1988–1986)
• Yoram Ettinger- Eitan (1990–1988)
• Dr. Josef Olmert (1993–1990)
• Uri Dromi (1996–1993)
• Moshe Fogel (2000–1996)
• Daniel Seaman (2010–2000)
• Oren Heiman (2010-2011)

Director of the GPO

Nitzan Chen
  • Nitzan Chen
  • 02-5007501/3
  • 02-6257886
  • Sunday through Thursday 16:00-9:00
  • Sunday through Thursday
  • 16:00-9:00


  • Michal Bardugo
  • Executive Secretary
  • 02-5007501/3