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Israeli Press Department

Israeli Press Department

Israeli Press Department

The Israeli Press Department founded and coordinates the Governmental Spokespersons' Forum, which encompasses the spokespersons of all government offices. The forum organizes seminars, deliberations, excursions and courses for the spokespersons, thus supplementing their professional knowledge. The department also maintains a list of spokespersons for the news media sector.

The forum discusses pivotal matters related to the spokespersons' work in the public service, and even ratified an ethical code by which an ethics committee examines media related complaints. The department oversees the committee's work and makes the ethical codes available for reporters.

The department handles thousands of press card applications and their issuing according to regulations updated and adjusted for the ever-changing needs of the media outlets, as well as addressing Israeli reporters' inquiries and questions.

The department holds meetings between reporters, spokespersons and other related parties in order to open communication channels, allowing a free flow of information and enhancing cooperation in the media.

The department also holds a forum for media attachés from various foreign embassies, which organizes seminars and excursions to provide a direct comprehension of the State of Israel and its complex challenges. This serves to endow the attachés and the public in their native countries.

The department also aids in distributing reports on current events.

Head of the Israeli Press Dept.

Orna Adelberg Kasher
  • Orna Adelberg Kasher
  • 02-5007518
  • 02-6233388
  • Sunday through Thursday 09:00-16:00
  • Sunday through Thursday
  • 16:00-9:00


  • Ariel Katzover
  • Ultra Orthodox and religious media
  • 02-5007516