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New Media Department

New Media Department

The GPO New Media Department was established in 2014. It is responsible for building and maintaining the GPO internet platforms, including the new advanced website and its supporting mobile application.

The department is also responsible for operating the GPO's social media, video streaming, producing video promos for other public bodies, and providing new media advice and support to government ministries.

The department produces and organizes professional courses and seminars on issues regarding the interface between new and traditional media.

Director, New Media Dept.

Ariel Eitan
  • Ariel Eitan
  • 02-5007511
  • 02-6233388
  • Sunday through Thursday 16:00-9:00
  • Sunday through Thursday
  • 16:00-9:00


  • Tehila Zigman
  • Student - Video Editor
  • 02-5007532