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Communication Workshops

Communication Workshops

The communication workshops are designed to prep the participants in their rite of passage into the media world, both in English and in Hebrew.

The GPO provides two types of workshops:

1.    Private coaching and tutoring for ministers, MKs, CEOs and spokespeople:

Training at this level is personal and lasts 4-10 hours (varying per individual), broken down into two hour sessions (or hour sessions for the particularly busy). The workshop includes practical conveying of messages in front of a camera, and a personalized analysis of the participant's media profile, based on viewing of the documented practice. The professional feedback is meant to detect the participant's strong sides, mend the behavioral patterns which do not serve the message, and provide pragmatic and functional tips on improving the participant's performance and conveying of convincing messages.

2. Group communication workshops:

These are sessions for homogenous groups of up to 15 individuals, training of 8-10 hours, divided into two parts.

Part A: Theories and application of inter-personal media models, including a construction of a personalized media profile for each participant.
Part B: functional practice for performance in front of an audience and/or camera, as well as constructing presentations for "on-camera" performances.