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400 feet of Zionism: The way down to "Duty Free" is Zionist and interesting Photo: Sivan Perg
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400 feet of Zionism: The way down to "Duty Free" is Zionist and interesting

15 January 2017 Hadassah Schwarz

Very soon, on your way out of the country, as you head towards Duty Free at the Ben Gurion International Airport, you will be able to enjoy an exhibition, a product of collaboration between Ben Gurion Airport and the World Zionist Organization.

As part of commemorating 120 years since the first Zionist Congress, the world Zionist Organization has initiated a unique installation that will be on display to the many Israelis and tourists passing by in Ben Gurion Airport.

The exhibition, 400 feet long, expresses in a modern and accessible way the accomplishments of the World Zionist Organization in 120 years of Zionism, and will include photographs which became icons and represent milestones in the Zionist movement. The exhibition will also include graphical adaptations, illustrations with interesting compositions and 3D impressions. A portrait of Theodor Herzl in 3D will open the exhibition as Herzl watches Ben Gurion announcing the establishment of the State of Israel and overlooking the entire exhibition – how the Zionist movement fulfilled its vision over the past 120 years.

Prominent topics in the exhibition will be from the first Zionist conference until today: Immigration and absorption, settlement and agricultural development, Israel and the Diaspora, Jerusalem- the capital of the Jewish nation, security and defense, minorities in Israel, the revival of the Hebrew language and pioneering women in Zionism.