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A Global gateway to Israeli agriculture: Photo By: Gideon Marckovich
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A Global gateway to Israeli agriculture:

06 December 2016

Today (6.12.2016) A delegation of Agriculture Ministers is visiting the Ministry of Agriculture. the delegation consists of officials and other experts from the 10 states that are members of the Community of Economy of West African States, and senior members of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS of reaction), which came for the first time to visit Israel and observe the Israeli agricultural technology and new strains developed by the Agricultural Extension service of Israel (Shaham) and Director of research (volcanic) of the Ministry of Agriculture. The ministers came to visit Israel for the first time, representing the countries of West Africa including: Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Liberia and Cape Verde. Senior government officials came from: Nigeria, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Benin, and Burkina Faso.

The CEO of the Strategy and Development Office of Guinea also joined the delegation. Guinea is a Muslim country that recently resumed diplomatic relations with Israel after a long disconnection since 1967. Most of the countries that are part of the delegation are Muslim, in Senegal and Guinea more than 90% of the population is Muslim. In Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone Muslims are the majority, approximately - 60% of the population.

However, the relationship between the Ministry of Agriculture and those countries did not start in the last few months, but years ago, as part of unique projects operated by personnel of Ministry of Agriculture, specializing in climate-appropriate crops in Africa and train African farmers. One of the flagship projects of Israel and Senegal is project "drop". Senegal is located in the Sahel area which is prone to droughts. About 75% of Senegalese engaged in agriculture, mostly farming (not irrigated). Lack of water is one of the major difficulties facing agriculture in Senegal, as well as land constraints. The aim of the project is to significantly increase farmers. Israel has implemented A system in Senegal which includes a drip irrigation system, a water reservoir, drip irrigation and pump system, which allows for low-pressure irrigation. As part of the joint project of Israel and Italy, this will help approximately 7,000 farmers and a total area of ​​approximately 4,000 hectares. Israel is responsible for the construction and operation of the technical and performance center of the  low-pressure drip irrigation, including training, research and logistics of the project, which is a model of small agricultural aid and the private sector.

Minister Uri Ariel said: "This is an event of great importance, both on the farm and at the state level. Most of the ministers came to Israel for the first time, and some of the countries from which they come, Israel maintains very few relations with. The Minister of Agriculture of Gambia is coming here despite the fact that we have no diplomatic relationship with them, and this is further proof that the Israeli agriculture has a name for itself in the world. Our foreign relations with Africa, and especially in the field of agriculture, are increasing significantly. ... I see the arrival of ministers to Israel as a significant milestone that will benefit our relations with African countries "