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As Ben-Gurion Splashes in his Bathing Suit and Begin Kisses Elizabeth Taylor's Hand
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As Ben-Gurion Splashes in his Bathing Suit and Begin Kisses Elizabeth Taylor's Hand

02 May 2016

The Photographic History of the State of Israel at your fingertips!

The Government Press Office launches new and upgraded websites for the National Photo Collection and the GPO, as well as an application for those interested in government issues and the news.

The new GPO National Photo Collection website is now up and accessible to all. The collection includes tens of thousands of photos and constitutes a photographic history book of the State of Israel. This photobook depicts the main events and people in the life of the state, as documented by GPO photographers over the years, from the establishment of the state until today. The site also includes photos by other photographers, some from the pre-state period, who have donated their collections for the benefit of Israel's citizens.

For the first time – anyone can download these photos in high resolution by a simple search, free of charge (subject to the conditions of use).

Users can look at recent and historical events, follow the activities of Israel's prime ministers and presidents, view the country's scenic vistas, visit its sites and be impressed by the wide variety of fascinating photos that, with an artist's hand, show the development of the State of Israel.


The frequently updated site is available in Hebrew and English. The GPO video archive will be added in the future for free use by the general public.

The site is at or Google "National Photo Collection."

Also now available is the new GPO website, and its accompanying application which can be downloaded via Google and Apple (see below). Both feature news content touching on the various government ministries and offer direct access, for journalists and the general public, to current press releases, photos and video clips, as well as useful information from the various ministries and government agencies.

The GPO website – in both Hebrew and English – also deals with the world of journalism and social media, and covers the latest Israeli technological, academic and cultural developments and discoveries.

Users will be able to view Knesset committee meetings in HD in the framework of a new service that the GPO is providing to the Knesset. The GPO site will continue to provide its traditional services including press card applications. Visit the site at

Apple users may download the GPO application at:

Android users may download the GPO application at:


Avi Ohayon, GPO Photo Dept. Director:

"In the past and present, the GPO has accompanied the State of Israel and its leaders at the most critical junctures, including moments of joy and sadness, victory and pain. The photo collection that we now present for free to everyone, in high quality, allows us to share with the public the country's most moving moments."


Nitzan Chen, GPO Director:

"The new GPO site and application, which many contributed to, bridges the gap between government ministries and the public, and provides direct, useful, relevant and up-to-date information to everyone. I trust that this platform will provide the public with more streamlined service and greater accessibility. Users will be able to enjoy a world of content regarding both traditional and new media and everything that is beautiful about Israel."