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Eilat chosen as one of top destinations on the rise Photo by: Moshe Millner GPO
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Eilat chosen as one of top destinations on the rise

08 December 2016


Every year, the TripAdvisor website publishes a rating of its top tourist areas such as restaurants, hotels, attractions and Featured destinations worldwide. Among all the lists, Israel receives a badge of honor, as the site ranked Eilat seventh in the list of top destinations on the rise and places higher then destinations like Spain, Georgia and India. All rankings and lists are based on the database from millions of travelers.

"Charming Eilat is one of Israel’s most popular resort cities" sited the website. "Nestled at the Northern tip of the Red Sea, Eilat’s warm, clear waters are a huge draw for divers, while the reefs of Coral Beach Nature Reserve are perfect for snorkelers. Above sea level, the ancient copper mines of Timna National Park are begging to be explored, as are the shops, bars and restaurants of the seaside promenade".



San José del Cabo, Mexico was chosen to be the top destination "With its 18th-century Spanish colonial architecture and laid-back local scene, San Jose del Cabo provides a low-key Baja Peninsula counterpart to fun-loving Cabo San Lucas 20 miles south", as per the website.

Second place on the list was given to snowy Whistler British Columbia (Canada), G'rikoakoarh Brazil won third place and fourth place was given to Kehoe in Hawaii. Fifth on the list was Baku (Azerbaijan), and then came El Nido (Philippines), Las Palmas de Grand Canaria (Spain), Tbilisi (Georgia) and G'odafor (India).