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Israel Celebrates Francophone Culture and Language Festival

01 March 2017 by Efraim Roseman

Francophone events will be held throughout the country from March 10-18. 

Francophone Day is being celebrated throughout the world.  The International Francophone Organization, founded in 1967, brings together the French speaking countries for the purpose of discussing issues of culture, peace, democracy, human rights and the environment of its member states.

The festive event is centered on the French language and Francophone culture, which is shared by more than 70 countries, including in Israel, in which it has become a custom. The event will include Francophone film festival, theater, musical performances and street theater.

Cinematheques Holon and Haifa will both hold a Francophone Film Festival: Films offered by member states will be screened in their original language with subtitles in Hebrew, allowing the Israeli movie goer to once again enjoy this experience.