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Israel Fires: Aftermath Photo Credit: GPO
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Israel Fires:Aftermath

27 November 2016

Due to multiple points of fire across Israel, Israel appealed to countries for assistance which Lent helicopters, planes, equipment and fire fighters. Israel thanks Italy, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, France, Spain, Egypt, Jordon and the PA for helping Israel at the time of need.

With the smoke clearing from the neighborhoods that were hit hard by the wave of fires in recent days, residents are awakening to a new week of uncertainty. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he will hold today (Sunday) the cabinet meeting in Haifa, where about 1,600 people are unable to return to their homes, most of them were declared as uninhabitable.

The Knesset Finance Committee will meet tomorrow to discuss compensation for victims of the fires. Government representatives will attend the hearing, the Ministry of Finance, Tax Authority, insurance and other relevant bodies. "People lost their homes, and we need to discuss as quickly as possible how to meet them and assist them in rebuilding homes, neighborhoods and the cities affected," said committee chairman MK Moshe Gafni .