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Israeli Cyber to the land of the rising sun Photo Credit: Google
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Israeli Cyber to the land of the rising sun

08 December 2016

Japan opens up the cyber field to integrating Israelis as a result of an increase in cyber-attacks on corporations and the government of Japan.

This Week, an excellence award on exporting Israeli cyber was awarded to CybeReason, on its activity in Japan as part of a ceremony by the Israel-Japan Friendship Society and Chamber of Commerce.

CybeRreason is one of some Israeli cyber companies of which their workers and families are relocating to Tokyo. This new action will enable Japan to provide CybeReason's  services- to locate and respond to cyber threats, and protect Japanese organizations  operating in the country against advanced targeted attacks.

"The Japanese society lives and breathes digital information non stop. Japan is the third largest economy and is a quality target to attackers from the business market as well as state security. The challenge is to identify the cyber attacks in real time and to isolate them without interrupting ongoing operations. Israeli technology allows the Japanese to detect intrusions and contain them before the hackers has done harm to the company." (Guy Lotem, a senior security expert at CybeReason).

As part of the preparations for the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, the Japanese take action at the forefront of cyber defense, leading to a further increase in demand for information security professionals. Common requirements are both in biometric authentication, behavior detection, drones and intrusion detection.