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"Israeli Discoveries and Innovations that Changed the World" - a new exhibition
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"Israeli Discoveries and Innovations that Changed the World" - a new exhibition

23 May 2016

The Israeli Airports Authority launched a new exhibition, in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space. This is the first exhibition of its kind, and it will be on display throughout the year, at the isle leading to the departure hall in terminal 3 of Ben Gurion International Airport.

The exhibition displays 60 colossal images and various displays depicting revolutionary scientific and technological innovations and discoveries made by Israel, making a significant impact worldwide.

The images tell the story of the scientific and technological progression in Israel, dating back from recent times all the way to days prior to the state's independence.

Each of the images represents years of research and development in various fields of science and technology, which had a profound contribution to progress and prosperity in many fields ranging from economy and medicine through nutrition and culture.

This exhibition serves as an aperture through which the public can appreciate Israel's contribution to scientific progress, and admire the great minds of world renowned Jewish individuals, such as Albert Einstein and others whose pivotal influence on different fields of life was imperative to mankind's achievements and triumphs.

Alongside the images, scattered throughout the departure hall are fun and engaging displays, like the model of the first Israeli spacecraft designed to land on the moon.  

The exhibition official website