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Israeli-Indian Defense Cooperation on Display Photo by Amos Ben Gersom, GPO National Photo Collection
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Israeli-Indian Defense Cooperation on Display

14 February 2017 by Efraim Roseman

Israeli-Indian Defense Cooperation on Display


Eleven Israeli defense industries and start-up companies display a wide array of advanced technologies, many of which are battle tested. Some of this year's items include: the Eitan UAV developed by Israel Aerospace Industries, systems optimized for India's future fighting aircraft for India developed by Rafael, unique technologies for aircraft protection, Israeli-Indian cooperation on jointly-produced artillery, missiles and additional UAVs.


SIBAT (International Defense Cooperation Directorate at Israel's Ministry of Defense) Director, Brig. Gen. (res) Mishel Ben Baruch:

"The economic cooperation between India and Israel is strengthening. We saw an expression of that in the successful visit of [Israeli] President [Reuven] Rivlin to India and we hope to host in Israel Indian Prime Minister Modi in the coming year. Israel is working to position itself as a leading partner for India in joint defense production, from a long-term vision that in the coming years all Indian defense procurement will be from local Indian companies. The Israeli national pavilion exposes Israeli-Indian cooperation and initiatives to enhance cooperation in the field of cyber security."


Israel's National Pavilion Participants: Aeromaoz, Aeronatuics Group, Al Cielo Inertial Solutions, Astronautics C.A., Controp Precision Technologies, Elbit Systems, Hydromechanical Engineering, Israel Aerospace Industries, Nir-Or, Physical Logic, and Rafael.