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Israel's Environment to Improve With A Little Help From Our Friends Photos by Ministry of Environmental Protection
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Israel's Environment to Improve With A Little Help From Our Friends

15 June 2017 by Efraim Roseman


The EU-Israel Twinning Project encourages the adaptation and improvement of Israeli industry to the European environmental regulatory framework, in order to create a healthier environment by reducing pollution and the risks it poses to citizens.


Twinning aims to provide support to countries through training, restructuring, and the drafting of laws that aspire to the EU environmental standards.  It endorses sharing best practices developed in European, as well as nurturing long-term relationships between countries.  The success of Twinning Project will be measured by its results.  According to this principle, the two countries undertake to act in order to reach an agreed, precise and measurable outcome.


During these past two years, cooperation between the bodies was tightened. The experts who accompanied the project, along with financial investment, helped advance the adoption of the Integrated Environmental Licensing Law, promoted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.


The project produced 16 training documents and guidelines in various technical fields that will serve to support the environmental and industrial sectors even after the project's close.


Hiriya Recycling Park


The EU-Israel Twinning Project included the exchange of ideas and opinions, workshops and ad hoc consultation to promote the modernization of environmental policy in Israel, as well as the upgrading of the infrastructure required to use resources effectively for the benefit of all.  The project, was conducted in cooperation with Germany, Austria and Great Britain, and is funded by the European Union.