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Jerusalem – More Than What You Thought
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Jerusalem – More Than What You Thought

12 July 2016 Alina Bikbulatov

When you hear about the holy city of Jerusalem, what do you think about? The Israeli-Palestinian conflict? World religions? A rich history? Certainly one of the above. You may not think about it as a hub for culture and festivities; a city of design, art, culture, film industry and more. Events in these fields strengthen co-existence in this magnificent city.

The 33rd annual Jerusalem International Film Festival is currently from 7-17 July. The best of Israeli and world cinema is being featured and there are prestigious competitions, premieres of the most important Israeli films of the year, tributes to well-known film figures and live musical performances. The special guest of the festival, Oscar-winning director Quentin Tarantino, took part in the opening ceremony and received a special award for his cinematic achievements.

The Jerusalem Woodstock Revival is a one-day summer festival in Jerusalem celebrating classic music from the 60's & 70's. The fun-filled festival for all ages will take place this year on July 14 at Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem. Other musical events taking place this summer include: the Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival (5-23 September) - a beautiful celebration of different cultures and religions unified by music. The 19th Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival will be held on 1-10 September. At Jerusalem's 40th International Arts and Crafts Festival, Khutsot Hayotser, (15-27 August) you will find dozens of artist stalls and nightly musical performances at Sultan’s Pool.

Let's drink! Jerusalem Wine Festival (16-19 August) at the Israel Museum will host around 60 wineries. The Jerusalem Beer Festival (31 Aug.-1 Sep.) promises to be a fantastic night out for lovers of beer, or for anyone who simply enjoys an outdoor party atmosphere in Jerusalem with more than 150 types of international and local beers for sale, foods stands and great live music.

The annual Festival of Light is held every May or June. Arabs and Jews, tourists and Israelis, religious and secular – all enjoy walking through the beautifully illuminated trails in all four quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. The Light Festival provides an economic boost to the Old City's small businesses, especially those owned by its Arab residents.

Design Week Jerusalem is held every May. This year's event was expanded to include additional venues throughout the city where you could experience fashion, exhibitions and street art by featured designers from Israel and abroad.

The annual Jerusalem Opera Festival brings together some of the most talented opera performers in the world. This summer it featured Verdi's Rigoletto as well as the unique Opera Paradiso which presented stunning clips from famous movies projected on a huge screen, while opera soloists performed live on stage the music played in the films.

So, did you expect that the world's most complicated city would be so creative, talented, artistic and colorful? You are more than invited to enjoy the experience.