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November 30th, Celebrating The Sigd Zed Pilms, Ministry of Aliya and Immigrant Absorption
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November 30th, Celebrating The Sigd

29 November 2016

 The Sigd Holiday is celebrated by the Ethiopian community and the general public, tonight, 29 of Cheshvan (29.11.) and is an important milestone in the life of the community. Sigd, is a unique community festival celebrating the renewal of the covenant between G-d and the Jewish Nation 7 weeks after Yom Kipor. The Holiday, which was recognized by the Knesset as an official holiday in the State of Israel, signifies the strengthening of the relationship of the Jews  and the Torah, the return to Zion and yearning for Jerusalem, but mainly designed to for the Ethiopian Jews for remorse, repair and soul-searching. In addition, the festival is a source of an annual convergence community and connection to their roots and culture.  In Israel, it has been an accepted custom to celebrate the Sigd at the Armon Hanatziv promenade, overlooking the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, in the presence of community members and public figures.

A Ceremony will take place Tomorrow, at 9AM  with traditional prayers and in the presence of President Rivlin, The Minister of Alyia and Immigrat Absorption MK Sofa Landver, the Chief Rabbi and notable members of the Ethiopian community.