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Revised Travel Warning for Turkey Photo by the IDF
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Revised Travel Warning for Turkey

20 March 2016

In wake of the escalating situation in Turkey and the latest terrorist attack in which three Israelis were murdered, the National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau has recommended to avoid travelling to Turkey.

Recent months have seen a considerable upsurge in the threat level in Turkey, which has found expression in the significant magnitude of terrorist attacks, especially suicide attacks by the Kurdish underground and Daesh, throughout the country, notably in Istanbul and Ankara.

 In the wake of an NSCCTB assessment of the situation, it was decided to update the existing travel warning vis-à-vis Turkey from an ongoing potential threat to a basic concrete threat, and to reiterate our recommendation to the public to avoid visiting the country.

The updated travel warning is as follows:

Following an assessment of the situation in wake of the worsening magnitude of terrorist attacks in Turkey, in centers of tourism and crowded areas, especially yesterday's attack in Istanbul in which Israeli citizens were murdered and wounded, and due to the concern of additional attacks, the NSCCTB upgrades its existing travel warning and recommends that the public avoid visiting Turkey.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this morning (Sunday, 20 March 2016), made the following remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting: "I would like to send condolences to the families of those who were murdered in Turkey and wishes for recovery to the wounded…I would like to commend the Foreign Ministry personnel for their dedicated and professional work in both Istanbul and Jerusalem"

The key to the moral fight against terrorism is to make it clear that terrorism, the murder of innocents, has no justification anywhere – not in Istanbul or the Ivory Coast or Jerusalem. Whoever does not condemn terrorism, supports terrorism".

Israeli tourists Simcha Demri, Yonatan Shor and Avraham Goldman were killed in Istanbul. They were on a culinary tour of Istanbul; their bodies were brought back to Israel by an IDF delegation.