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Tel Aviv is Leading the Culinary World Photo by Ilia Melnikov
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Tel Aviv is Leading the Culinary World

05 July 2016

American travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler rated Tel-Aviv as one of the five best culinary cities in the world, alongside London, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Hong Kong and more.

The leading travel magazine in America, Conde Nast Traveler, named Tel-Aviv as the fifth best culinary city in the world, together with other leading cities such as London, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Sidney and more. The city won a similar title in 2014, when it was announced as one of the culinary capitals of the world by Saveur magazine.

Tel-Aviv lists approximately 3,400 restaurants and other dining places. This year, the "Tel-Aviv-EAT" food festival was held at the Charles Clore Park, where thousands of visitors were able to taste, drink and enjoy the culinary experience of Tel-Aviv's food scene.

This title is merely one on a long list of distinguished titles that were awarded to the city by top international magazines, some of which are: one of the top party cities in the world according to Lonley Planet, the best gay tourism destination in the world (Gaycities), one of the ten best beach cities in the world (National Geographic), one of the 5 most innovative cities in the world (Globe and Mail), one of the ten best surfing cities in the world (STAB), first place at the World Smart Cities award and many more.

"It seems that the Tel-Avivians are not only creative when it comes to hi-tech, but are also demonstrating expertise and knowledge in cooking – and it's no wonder that Tel-Aviv has earned many titles such as this one. The Tel-Avivian cuisine is characterized by a wide range of flavors which is a product of the city's cultural mosaic, which breeds many world renowed talents", Said the city's mayor, Ron Huldai.   

Top cities listing: 1. Cape-town, 2. Dubai, 3. Hong Kong, 4. Buenos Aires, 5. Tel-Aviv, 6. Saint Barthélemy, 7. Taipei, 8. Singapore, 9. Shanghai, 10. Tokyo, 11. Toronto, 12. Sidney, 13. Rio de Janeiro, 14. Vancouver, 15. London.