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The Miracle of trash: Environmental Waste Event, consumption and recycling Photo courtesy of The Center for Environmental Education Hiria
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The Miracle of trash: Environmental Waste Event, consumption and recycling

06 December 2016

On 20.12.2016, as Part of the current month in Tel Aviv themed: "Cause for Environment", Tel Aviv-Jaffa will host in cooperation with the Center for Environmental Education at the Hiria recycling park a unique environmental event for the whole family on the topic of waste, consumption and recycling. The event will take place at the Rabin Square, Malchei Israel Blvd  8, Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

In recent years, Hiria is changing significantly and using its name which became a household phrase, to create change and environmental consciousness in relation to trash. Instead of coming to the mountain, the mountain will come over to you: the idea of bringing Hiria to the city, to every citizen, enhances the personal encounter between the bag throw into the garbage can the last and hidden stop of the garbage burying sites. Come look garbage in the eye, learn what's happens  with your trash from the moment you dispose of it, learn about yourself, the society and culture you live in  through waste. Meet the backyard of the Gush-Dan area and find out what change means.

According to attorney Doron Sapir, chairman of the Hiriyah recycling park and deputy mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa city: "Waste is a mirror of society and culture in which we live in. Bringing Hiria to the city, will allow the public to experience educational activities related to waste, consumption and recycling, which will hopefully change thought patterns. I call on to everyone to come and look at their own garbage bag in the eyes and learn about the hidden path which is hidden from the eyes of many, Hiria recycling park. This event offers visitors a range of activities with social-environmental alternatives to consumerism. Techniques for reuse existing materials will be shown towards reducing the amount of waste and will be offered through a change in mindset and promoting creativity. "

The event will take place between 15: 00-18: 00.