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The Western Wall Wants You! Photo: Courtesy of The Western Wall Heritage Foundation
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The Western Wall Wants You!

02 April 2017 by Efraim Roseman

The Western Wall Wants You! 


Thousands of prayer notes are constantly being placed into the sacred wall's crevices by worshipers from Israel and abroad, by Jews and non-Jews, including tens of thousands of notes received by the office of Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rosen through the Western Wall web site and by fax.  Before Passover, these notes are specially buried by Western Wall staff.


Likewise, the Western Wall plaza, the prayer halls and the Western Wall tunnels are cleansed of all "chametz" (leavened grain products).


The Western Wall's stones also undergo one of two biannual examinations by engineers during this period in order to safeguard worshipers and visitors.


The Western Wall, located at the base of Mount Moriah, is the last remnant of the Second Temple, the most sacred site in the world for the Jewish people. 


Traditionally, creation of the world began from the Foundation Stone atop Mount Moriah peak, "the place that G-d will choose”.  Adam is held to have been created here.  Abraham was commanded to prepare his son Isaac for sacrifice here.  Jacob’s dream, of angels ascending and descending a ladder, is also linked to this spot.