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TIME won't clarify that "Palestinian graphic designer killed by Israel" was terrorist who murdered 3
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TIME won't clarify that "Palestinian graphic designer killed by Israel" was terrorist who murdered 3

17 March 2016

Five months after a Jerusalem bus attack in which three civilians were murdered, TIME Magazine still won't change its story ignoring the victims and humanizing the attacker. Repeated requests have been ignored.

TIME Magazine published an article on October 15th, 2015, by TIME correspondent Rebecca Collard, which said:

"On Tuesday, Allyan, a graphic designer from the predominantly Palestinian neighborhood Jabel Mukaber, was killed by Israeli security forces after allegedly trying to carry out an attack in Jerusalem".The article says nothing further on the attack.


The TIME article was published two days after an attack on a civilian bus in Armon Hanatziv, a Jerusalem neighborhood. In this attack, TIME Magazine's "graphic designer" opened fire on the passengers, killing three Israelis - Alon Gobeberg, Haim Haviv and Richard Lakin - before being shot by police. TIME fails to mention the three deaths, much less the names of the victims. TIME also uses the word "allegedly" and describes the attack as "trying to carry out".

The attack was committed on the morning of October 13th. Alon Gobeberg's  and Haim Haviv's funerals took place on October 14th. The TIME Magazine article was published on October 15th. American Israeli peace activist Richard Lakin, fatally injured in the attack, succumbed to his wounds on October 27th.  


To our sorrow, repeated requests to TIME Magazine, initially by an Israeli NGO and subsequently by the GPO, have all failed to induce TIME to correct the serious factual error in the 15 October article.

An Israeli NGO first approached TIME Magazine correspondent Rebecca Collard on October 18th and received no response. The Government Press Office contacted Collard on February 25th, presented the facts and demanded a correction.  Neither recognition nor correction of the erroneous article resulted. When contacted again, TIME Magazine correspondent Collard wrote to the GPO on March 4th: "I've forwarded your concerns to my editors". Another reminder and a letter to the TIME International editor did not help and the article still – five months after the attack – presents the murderer of three civilians as a seemingly innocent Palestinian graphic designer who was inexplicably killed by Israel.

Israel has been criticized recently for confronting some of the foreign media with accusations of bias. Let the reader be the judge.