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Welcome Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi! आपका स्वागत है

28 June 2017


India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi will arrive in Israel for a two-day visit starting next Tuesday, July 4, the first by an India Prime Minister. Israel and India are celebrating 25 years of renewed relations.

India is, in many ways, not your average country.  India's population currently at 1.34 billion is set to pass that of China's as the world's largest in just a few years.  With a growth rate of 1.2%, its population expands by around 15 million each year. Its economy is also one of the world's largest, steadily growing at a breathtaking 7.2% annual rate.

Israelis love India.  About 30,000 Israelis visit India every year, many stay for months, trekking and taking in the laid back atmosphere and spell-bounding culture. Roughly 40,000 of an estimated 18 million Indian tourist reach Israel, a drop in the bucket with lots of room for growth.

Economic issues will be at the forefront of the visit along with diplomacy and security. At this Sunday's Cabinet meeting the Government allocated NIS 280m for Israel-India cooperation to encourage investment and joint research and development, to further cooperation in water, agriculture as well as in the realms of tourism, education and culture.