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YAIR GARBUZ: I AM PAINTERS Photographer: Elad Sarig
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Yair Garbuz: I Am Painters

23 November 2016

Yair Garbuz: I am Painters

New exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum, 30 Nov. 2016 – 6 May 2017

2015 The Rappaport Prize laureate for an Established Israeli Artist

 Yair Garbuz' third solo exhibition at the Museum (1973, 1983) features works from the past five years. Once again his paintings turn out to be a comical, at times grotesque theatrical show, maybe even a circus or a carnival. Their humor is twofold: both visual and linguistic. More than ever, these new paintings display the artist's virtuosity and his ease with the Hebrew language and painting styles alike.

The exhibition "I am Painters" brings to a height the gestures, copy or disguise of Garbuz of other artists.

Humor is an integral part of Garbuz's work from the beginning of his artistic career in the mid-60's. But it seems that in his later work, the weight of the comic is only growing. "Humor knows how to penetrate the dark cracks," says Garbuz, rooted in the extensive culture of the village idiot and Fool, the ability to hurt, and at the same time show compassion.


Curator: Ellen Ginton