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Zeyarah Makboleh! Photo by Moshe Milner, GPO
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Zeyarah Makboleh!

22 January 2017 by Efraim Roseman, GPO

Zeyarah Makboleh!

Wednesday, January 25th marks the Druze holiday, El-Khader, the holiday of the Prophet Elijah. El-Khader (Elijah) is the second most important prophet of five supreme prophets.

On this day the Druze community makes its annual pilgrimage (ziyyarah) to the tomb of the prophet located in the town of Kfar Yasif, in the north of Israel (eleven kilometers northeast of Acre).

The Druze community in Israel, numbering around 100,000 citizens, is officially recognized as a separate religious entity and has a special standing in the country.