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Ziv Medical Center treats casualties of the Syrian civil war Dr Alexander Lerner, Head of the Orthopedic Department, with an eight year old Syrian girl whos legs were shattered by an explosion walks for the first time. Photo courtesy of the Ziv Medical Center
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Ziv Medical Center treats casualties of the Syrian civil war

27 December 2016

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on his speech at the GPO's reception to the foreign journalists on December 20th, has instructed the Foreign Ministry to find appropriate ways to bring injured Syrian civilians from Aleppo to Israeli hospitals.

To the Ziv Medical in Safed this isn’t new. They already treated over 700 casualties from the civil war raging in Syria, including men, women and children.

These casualties all reach the border, by any means at their disposal. Among the injured are children and young adults who arrive on their own, unaccompanied by a family member, perhaps they have lost their families during the course of the war. Most of them have sustained severe, complex war injuries, from bullets, shrapnel and blast damage, suffering from internal injuries and amputated limbs.


Syrian brothers treated at the Ziv Medical Center

In addition to the life-saving treatment given to the patients, Ziv also provides the support of its socialservices as well as physiotherapist, to assist the casualties in dealing with the traumatic experiences they have experienced.