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PM Netanyahu Comments on the Uncovering of the Tunnel
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PM Netanyahu Comments on the Uncovering of the Tunnel

18 April 2016

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Monday, 18 April 2016), made the following remarks regarding the uncovering of the tunnel:

"In recent days, the State of Israel has achieved a global breakthrough in the ability to locate tunnels. I congratulate the IDF Chief-of-Staff, the IDF, the ISA and the intelligence and technology personnel on this unique breakthrough. The government is investing considerable capital in countering the tunnel threat. This is an ongoing effort that will not end overnight. We are investing in this and will continue to do so with determination.

Israel will respond strongly to any attempt to attack its soldiers and civilians. I am certain that Hamas understands this very well. I would like to tell the residents of the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip: The IDF is working around the clock to ensure your security and daily routine."