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PM Netanyahu in Sderot: "Quiet here equals quiet in Gaza"
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PM Netanyahu in Sderot: "Quiet here equals quiet in Gaza"

28 July 2016

PM Netanyahu in Sderot: "Quiet here equals quiet in Gaza"

(Communicated by the Prime minister's Media Adviser)


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Thursday, 28 July 2016), in Sderot, attended a ceremony to mark the completion of a structural reinforcement project for residences in communities adjacent to the Gaza Strip, and made the following remarks:


"The operation has now given us the quietest two years that we have had in the past decade. See, while we cannot shape the strategic environment in which we live, we do have possibility of achieving deterrence against our enemies and, to the extent that it proves necessary, to inflict significant damage on the infrastructures of terror. Our policy is to respond vigorously to any violation – no matter how small – of the calm, and you see this, and make it clear to those on the other side that the rules of the game have changed. Quiet here equals quiet in Gaza. Attacking us will lead to ruin and destruction for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and whoever tries to attack us from the other side of the fence. We will respond in strength to any attempt to attack our communities and our citizens."


Prime Minister Netanyahu added:


"I would like to emphasize that while structural reinforcement is a lifesaving step, it is no substitute for our offensive striking power. I am constantly hearing about what Hamas is doing but I know what we are doing. I know what we are planning. I know how we are organizing. I know but I do not intend to tell you."