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PM Netanyahu's 2016 Medical Report
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PM Netanyahu's 2016 Medical Report

15 August 2016

PM Netanyahu's 2016 Medical Report

(Communicated by the Prime minister's Media Adviser)


Pursuant to medical treatment protocol, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underwent routine annual medical tests by his personal physician, Dr. Tzvi Herman Berkovich.


Prime Minister Netanyahu maintains a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet. The Prime Minister underwent a series of comprehensive lab tests which were completely normal. He also underwent a series of additional tests including heart and lungs; urological; ear, nose and throat; and gastro. The gastro test revealed a polyp in the large intestine that was removed during the test. Lab tests were normal.


Pursuant to last year's statement, the Prime Minister is under urological monitoring; all tests were completely normal.


Dr. Berkovich noted that the overall state of Prime Minister Netanyahu's health is excellent.