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PM Netanyahu's Remarks at a Toast for the New Year with Prime Minister's Office Employees
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PM Netanyahu's Remarks at a Toast for the New Year with Prime Minister's Office Employees

10 October 2016

PM Netanyahu's Remarks at a Toast for the New Year with Prime Minister's Office Employees

(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Monday, 10 October 2016), at a New Year's toast with Prime Minister's Office employees, made the following remarks:


"Yesterday was a sad day in Jerusalem. I would like to send condolences to the family of our friend, Levana Malihi. I think that whoever who was in the Knesset remembers her radiant smile and we cry together with her family, and with the family of the heroic policeman, Yossi Kirma, who pursued after the terrorist and lost his life in the pursuit, which, without a doubt, saved many lives. And of course we send our condolences to his policeman friend, who is also a hero, Sergey, and to all of the other wounded. In this case, painful as it may be, there is no doubt that a terrible disaster was prevented by the quick, determined and fearless action that was imbued with the fighting spirit of Israeli police. I salute them, along with all citizens of Israel.


We are in the [Hebrew month of] Tishrei holidays. We know that this is a time when those who fan the flames of terrorism and the inciters try to ignite a conflagration. All citizens must be alert, certainly the security forces, who work day and night to protect us and be a buffer and a wall between these murderers and the citizens of Israel. I salute the police personnel and soldiers, the men and women of the ISA, and all of the security services. We know that without their action, reality would be different, and thanks to their action we succeed in safeguarding our security, our fabric of life and our state.


What we are doing here in the State of Israel is a fundamental change in the status of the Jewish People, which had been a people without strength, without the ability to defend itself, to be strong in its homeland, which has gradually become an international force – and this force is drawing other countries to us. It is not just military power, but our economic, technological and intelligence power. These are what the nations of the world greatly appreciate, and there is also an additional strength and that is diplomatic strength. Hardly a day goes by in which heads of state and government and foreign ministers and senators and others do not come here. They come here and are drawn to the strength. The strength forges alliances and with strength one makes peace. The State of Israel is a very strong country that is becoming even stronger, and everything, in the end, leads here, to this office, that is to say, to you.


I would like to thank you for your part in this important work. I would like to wish you a good year. May you be inscribed for good and may you also have an easy fast."