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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Statement for Egypt’s National Day
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Statement for Egypt’s National Day

28 July 2016

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Statement for Egypt’s National Day

(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, this evening (Thursday, 28 July 2016), attended a reception in honor of Egypt's National Day and made the following remarks (in English):


"President Rivlin, Ambassador Khairat, Mrs. Khairat, Ministers, the Head of the Opposition Yitzhak Herzog, Members of Knesset, Distinguished Ambassadors, Honored Guests,


It’s my pleasure to join you in marking Egypt’s National Day.


This is a day when Egyptians celebrate your proud unsurpassed history, your rich culture, your many accomplishments. Egypt and Israel are among the world’s oldest civilizations, and each has made contributions to the civilizations of the world. And together we made history by showing the world that peace between Arabs and Israelis is possible and sustainable.


I am proud that our two nations have been in peace for nearly four decades. Through storms, turbulence, earthquakes, we have remained in peace and we shall remain in peace. It is the foundation of our national vision and our vision for the region and beyond.


Our peace treaty is an anchor of stability and security in our region.


I just returned from a trip to Africa. I learned many things there. Among them, the significant role that Egypt plays not just in the Middle East, but also on the African continent.


I want to thank President a-Sisi for his leadership and for his efforts to advance peace between Israel and the Palestinians and in the broader Middle East.


We have so much that we can accomplish together. We can work, and are working together in agriculture, and we can work in water, in energy, in every field of human endeavor to make the lives of our peoples and the lives of peoples in the Middle East as a whole better, more secure, richer. A future of hope, a future of prosperity, and a future of peace.


We welcome the efforts to advance peace by President a-Sisi, and we welcome the effort to incorporate other Arab states in this larger effort of a broader peace between all the peoples of the Middle East.


In this spirit I say, long live the peace between Israel and Egypt."


Prime Minister Netanyahu added [translated from the Hebrew]:


"I congratulate Egypt on its National Day. We are two ancient peoples with a glorious history.


Thousands of years ago our two peoples laid perhaps the most important foundations of human civilization and today our two peoples – in effect, the entire world – are in a continuous and daily struggle against terror and against those who are trying to destroy human civilization.


We must work together against it; we must work together for peace. The peace between us has been strong and steadfast, for almost 40 years. It has endured all the pitfalls and weathered all the storms and challenges.


The peace between us is a beacon of hope, not just for us, but for the entire region. I very much appreciate President a-Sisi's efforts to advance peace between us and the Palestinians and to advance security throughout the Middle East, and we welcome any cooperation with other states in these important efforts.


Again, I would like to say that President Rivlin and myself, and all who are here, representing all citizens of the State of Israel, say to you: We believe in peace. We want to expand it and we would like to congratulate you on your holiday. Congratulations."