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President Rivlin visits site of, and victims injured in, Tel Aviv terror attack Photo by: Mark Neiman (GPO)
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President Rivlin visits site of, and victims injured in, Tel Aviv terror attack

09 June 2016

President Reuven Rivlin this morning (Thursday) went to Ichilov Hospital to visit victims injured in the terror attack in the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv last night. He then went on to visit the site of the attack in which 4 Israelis had been murdered, and several injured.

While visiting the intensive care unit of the neurosurgery department at the hospital, accompanied by hospital director Prof. Roni Gamzu, the President met Assaf Bar who had a gunshot wound to the head. The President embraced his family, and held Assaf's hand. "I am pleased to be here with you, we were worried that your injury was even more serious still, but here you are talking with me, and it is wonderful," said the President and added, "you will enjoy many more happy and good times, we cannot let them get the better of us. I am going now to where you were injured yesterday. We will continue with our lives."

The President wished Assaf a speedy and full recovery and said, "Rest and be well. The pain is of course difficult now but I am sure you return to full health soon." With great effort Assaf thanked the President and said he hoped they would meet on happier occasions.

The President went from there to visit other injured victims who were still sedated following surgeries. He spoke with their families, and listened as they spoke about their loved ones, and heard an update on their conditions. He told them, "We have wonderful doctors, doing wonderful work."

The President went on to visit the site of the attack, the Sarona Market in the heart of the city, in order to express his support for the workers and businesses who had managed to return to normal routine as quickly and as best as possible.

The President then made brief media statements (in English and Hebrew – video available). He said, "This is another difficult day for the people and the State of Israel, and our hearts are with those who lost their loved ones in this attack. I visited the hospital this morning, and I pray for the injured who are recovering with the help of the hospital staff. We understand there is no Iron Dome to terror, especially when we are dealing with unorganized terror, but instead random acts of terror perpetrated by individuals or small groups, with terrible fundamentalist ideas."

The President stressed, "There is no magic solution, we must fight terror. I want to thank the hospitals, and the security services who I have no doubt will find all the right paths to deal with all those connected to this terror attack. We must remember we are a strong people, who live with a clear understanding that we will overcome."

The President added in English, "We put our safety in the hands of the Israeli security forces. The Palestinian leadership must understand that once you let people use terror - terror is terror is terror. Let the Palestinians understand - they cannot break us, anyone who lets terror to operate, will find at the end of the road the terror on his doorstep."